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Padre, the Perl IDE: A Large and Friendly Project

I know that Padre, the Perl IDE, is a quite ambitious project. Today I learned that it is big compared to other software projects.

Ohloh.net is a website that, among other things, does source code analysis of free software projects. There is also a page about Padre.

I was surprised to learn that Padre falls into the top 2% of free software project teams in the world regarding number of contributors, with 32 persons contributing over the last 12 months. And that does not even include the work of the Padre translators.

One of the reasons why Padre has so many developers is that the community is very friendly, open and welcoming. There is nothing in the way that keeps you from starting to contribute. It took me just a few days from my first contact with the software to the first bug fix (in between, there was some translation work).

Like the software itself, Padre developers are helpful and friendly to users, no matter whether they are beginners or very advanced Perl programmers.

If you are a Perl developer, or would like to become one, give Padre a try.

If it does not suit you, please let us know what keeps you from using it, and if you like Padre, please tell us what we can improve. Or do it yourself, we will help you along the way.

Here is how you can contact the Padre team, and how you can get involved with Padre development.

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