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Seahorse - Encryption Made Easy?

Seahorse is a nice GUI tool for managing (among other things) your GNU Privacy Guard keys.

But it fails to be a nice GPG frontend, because it does not offer (at least in a comfortable way) GPG’s two main features: decrypting and encrypting files.

The main problem of mainstream cryptography remains usability. It is not the main problem that people do not understand how cryptography works, or that we do not have enough algorithms, or that some implementations may be insecure; what is missing are practical tools, and integration into the tools that we already use, that let you perform encryption, decryption, and key management with almost no overhead.

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Donate Money to Help a PlayStation 3 Hacker

I own a Play Station 3. It is my property, and I want to be able to with everything I want.

See also this link I posted some days ago.¬†Essentially, it tells the whole story …

Today, I donated money to Alexander Egorenkov for his legal defense against Sony.

I urge you to the same.

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