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Manos and MonoDevelop

How to develop web applications with Manos and MonoDevelop, in 10 easy steps:

  1. manos --init MyProject
  2. cd MyProject/
  3. mkdir lib/ src/ doc/
  4. start MonoDevelop
  5. create solution “MyProject” in src/
  6. mv *.cs src/MyProject/MyProject
  7. add Manos .dll files as dependencies
  8. set project to .NET 4.0
  9. Now you can compile/edit/do whatever you want to do with the project.
  10. manos --server -a=src/MyProject/MyProject/bin/Debug/MyProject.dll

That’s all. Easy, wasn’t it?

I am currently using Manos to implement a REST API for the MyMediaLite recommender system library, and will report about it as soon as there is something significant to report about.

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