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New release of the LaTeX plugin for Padre

I uploaded version 0.11 of Padre::Plugin::LaTeX to CPAN.

I described the LaTeX plugin for Padre, the Perl IDE some time ago in a blog post.

It is mostly a maintenance release, providing compatibility to the recently released Padre 0.86. Breno G. de Oliveira (GARU) was so kind and provided Brazilian Portugues translations. We now have translations for Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish. Besides that, there was a small tweak in the autocompletion code. See the Changes file for details.

If Padre is already on your system, you can install the LaTeX plugin using the command

cpan Padre::Plugin::LaTeX

I am looking forward to feedback and contributions, either directly to me, or as tickets to the Padre Trac.

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